Monterey Car Week has come and gone for 2018 and the only thing we can say is WOW – what an event!

Monterey seems to get bigger and better every year and it’s always one of the highlights on our annual events calendar. The calibre of cars is outstanding and is only outdone by the enthusiasm and spirit of the people attending.

For us, Monterey is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with our USA owner family and play in their back yard. It only happens once a year so we love to make the most of it.

Car Throttle, the automotive website, spent some time with some of our US owner family around Monterey this year and documented it in this film:


Events like Monterey are also a great time for us to share the excitement of a Koenigsegg with friends and fans. It’s fantastic fun to watch people interact with our cars. Seeing an enthusiast’s eyes light up when they see a Koenigsegg for the first time is a wonderful thing.

Such was the case at Monterey Car Week in 2018.

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The Quail

Our feature cars for Monterey this year were the two Agera Final Edition cars – Väder and Thor.

The FE Twins were shown together at The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering on Friday, August 24 and attracted the usual amount of admiring interest (i.e. plenty!).

The weeks leading up to Monterey saw Thor back in Sweden for a minor makeover, including this beautiful leafwork on the underside of the rear spoiler. Visitors to The Quail were the first to see it.

The Quail is typically setting where we deliver cars for the first time to their home country. Such was the case with Thor and Väder this year.

Sometimes we make other deliveries, too, like this new diamond-and-gold key supplied to Instagram enthusiast and Agera XS owner, Lamborghiniks.


Straight and Narrow

We left The Quail, dined, and then hosted a special screening of Straight and Narrow, a film that we hope you’ll see very soon.

Straight and Narrow is a documentary that provides an inside view of the five world production car speed records set by Koenigsegg in Nevada in November 2017. The film was commissioned by the owner of the world-record-setting Agera RS and is in final editing now.

We showed a 20-minute synopsis of the film – a special screening for our customers at Monterey as well as a couple of lucky invitees who just happened to be in the right place at the right time (i.e. looking over our cars on the street outside the hotel).

Pictures were taken, posters were offered and then signed by the boss.

Friday night’s antics didn’t stop there, however.

With seven Koenigseggs parked outside the hotel, we built up a big crowd on the street. Some might say a little too big. When the gathering became a little too much, the Koenigseggs were parked for the night in a nearby garage.

The crowd was still in need of entertainment, however, so someone decided to put on a show.

Note for the Monterey PD: it was NOT one of ours. Hand on heart.

What followed was a rather epic display of horsepower and tyre smoke big enough to bring in the police to shut the street down. The patch of rubber left on the road was so hot that it actually caught fire.


A Sunday Drive – on a Saturday

We had a lazy Saturday morning – sharing stories of the night before over breakfast prior to getting the fleet assembled later in the morning for a short drive.

Our destination was a sort of cars-n-coffee type meeting, only with burgers instead of coffee.

Our venue – In-n-Out Burger.

We parked in a vacant lot down the street and once again, it was a great chance to hang out, share some stories and share the Koenigsegg experience with fans. A lucky few even enjoyed the chance for a ride in the Regera!


Exotics on Cannery Row

The marquee event on Saturday was Exotics on Cannery Row. For many, this is the marquee event of Car Week, primarily because anyone can attend without the need for a three-figure ticket.

Exotics on Cannery Row is a free event, with cars parked on the streets and in car parks along the Cannery Row (waterfront) district in Monterey.

As you can see, people turn up in great numbers.

We had some clear space to park in last year. This year, only the Regera and the world record Agera RS were so lucky.

This year’s show saw the main fleet parked on the street with fans making great use of the opportunity to get up close and personal with their favourite Koenigsegg. Our thanks to those present for the care and respect shown towards the cars.



Monterey Car Week is an outstanding event and it’s a pleasure to spend some time with our customers, friends and fans every year.

We’d like to thank everyone who supported us this year, whether that be owners who brought their cars along for a drive or those who dropped by for a chat. We love sharing the excitement that Koenigsegg brings and we can’t wait to do it all again, bigger and better, in 2019.



Because we’re car people, we like to take in the fullness of Monterey Car Week while we’re there. Here are some of the people and cars we enjoyed during those shows.


  1. Comment by Tim

    Tim August 31, 2018 at 05:52

    Steven, as always, beautifully done.

    I was at the car week; due to ticket prices for the Quail, Auctions, or the Concours d’Elegance, I went to the Concours d’ Lemons – the ironic send up of the Concours d’Elegance. Last year they had not only fun rust buckets, but also a handful of Aston Martins (DB2’s, DB5, and a Vantage GT); this year they had a Ferrari Shooting Brake filed in the category of “Needlessly Complex Italians”.

    I am waiting for a Koenigsegg to show up in the “Swedish Meatballs” Category. It would be awesome!

    What I wanted to ask is what type of car was featured in the last three pictures. I hadn’t seen that before.

    Anyways, thanks for a great report, as always,


    • Comment by Steven Wade

      Steven Wade August 31, 2018 at 09:42

      Hi Tim,

      Yes, the ticket prices are exorbitant, but it’s worth blowing your kids’ college fund off for one year and attending something like The Quail just once. The vehicles there are extremely high calibre and it’s a great mix of classic and new. It depends on the era you’re most interested in. For me, personally, I love 60’s to 90’s cars, so The Quail is perfect. I attended the Concours briefly this year and it looked focused on older cars so for me, The Quail was a much more interesting event. But that’s just me.

      The car you asked about is a Spyker C8 Spyder. The car is significant for me because of my history with Saab, which Spyker’s owner, Victor Muller, tried to revive in 2010-11. The Spykers are very high on craftsmanship, as you can see from the interior.

  2. Comment by Christian Wilson

    Christian Wilson August 31, 2018 at 11:17

    The Spyker at the end reminded me: How is your collaboration with them going? Have you started production of their engines yet?
    I’ve been looking forward to the sound of the naturally aspirated 5,0L V8 since the announcement at GIMS.
    If it’s anything like the CCGT it’s a victory.

  3. Comment by Brandon Fouts

    Brandon Fouts September 4, 2018 at 18:22

    Interesting to see how your freevalve design/concept does in the declining oil age. So sad that Saab didn’t use it – and disappointed Saab/Subaru teaming up didn’t work out better. In classic 20/20 hindsight perhaps Saab should have concentrated on “colder climate” sales and not tried to go global? Also can’t wait for your latest V8. AND I expect a deeper Rimac collaboration in the near future. Can you do both hybrid and BEV supercars at the same time?? Interesting times and plenty of complexities to deal with. (I’ll have to search for your Asian engine project)
    Good Luck.

    PS- hope family is doing well and I hope Sweden and distance itself from US foreign policy madness. I’m a rather boring car owner – just two – 99 Saab ’76 and 900 SPG ’89 still running strong.

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