In June 2017, we had the distinct pleasure of welcoming Ming Thein and his team for a film and photo shoot at Koenigsegg. Ming is the Chief of Strategy for Hasselblad, the famed medium-format camera makers based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In many respects, this is match made in heaven. Koenigsegg and Hasselblad are both Swedish companies. Both are benchmarks in their respective industry and dedicated to continuous improvement, constantly pushing boundaries to remain the best in their respective field. Hasselblad make the world’s finest camera systems and are responsible for some of the most famous images in history. Those images taken on the moon in 1969 were taken with a Hasselblad camera, which is still the only camera to have made it to the surface of the moon.

What more could we wish for, then, than to have a team from Hasselblad get in touch and suggest an extreme photo shoot? The shoot would capture two Koenigsegg cars with Hasselblad’s incredible image making hardware and DJI’s new professional aerial photography drone, the DJI M600.

The shoot took two (really) full days on locations in and around Ängelholm. There’s a behind-the-scenes film below. The images will be released later this week.

If you’re a photography enthusiast and you’d like an insight into the process, check out the write-up on Ming Thein’s website.

The film is available in resolutions right up to 4K. Enjoy!