Koenigsegg recently took a trip to Nevada, USA, where we broke 5 world speed records with the Agera RS.

Our Swedish compatriots from Hasselblad decided to come along for the ride, testing out their flagship 100-megapixel HB H6D medium format digital camera.

Toshi Oku was the photographer brought in to shoot the Agera RS in Nevada. You can read his full behind-the-scenes story at the Hasselblad website.

As an experienced photographer who specialises in photographing landscapes and motor vehicles, Toshi was in his element. The Agera RS is designed specifically to optimise its power and downforce ratio when moving in a straight line. To cope with huge pressures it encounters when driving at speeds in excess of 200mph, the shape of this car has a unique front splitter, air vents and rear wing. These critical features allow air to move around the Agera RS with maximum efficiency, while preventing the front of the car from raising as it picks up speed. But they also help to make the car a beautiful photographic subject.

The images produced by Toshi from the day are a vivid demonstration of the car’s eye-catching curvature and strong lines, all against the backdrop of the sparse desert scenery and open highway.

Toshi’s images are breathtaking black and whites, a format normally reserved for documentary photography and entirely fitting for such a newsworthy, record-setting occasion. The dramatic nature of the image’s subject is perfectly set within this high-contrast, moody format.

This is not our first collaboration with Hasselblad, of course, with Ming Thein photographing both the Regera and Agera RS earlier in 2017. Click on these links to read Part 1 and Part 2.

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