Koenigsegg engineers have gained extensive experience over the past 25 years, developing a complete knowledge base with regard to lean, high-end vehicle development activities.
With our elite team and complete vehicle expertise, we can offer support from a full development program to individual elements such as styling, tooling, production planning, prototyping, testing and homologation support, and all the way down to single component design.

Services offered


We have fully developed styling capabilities and can help you with all aspects of the creative phase of your interior, exterior or component project, in either Alias or ICEM.


With our renowned expertise in Full Vehicle Lean Engineering, we can help you develop your vehicle ideas including chassis and body, powertrain layout, crash management and passive safety, legal and homologation considerations, integration and packaging, closure and greenhouse systems, lighting, ergonomics, UI , interior concepts and materials, and all of this in a completely integrated package to suit your requirements.


Being the only small volume OEM to fully develop complete, in-house powertrain solutions, we are uniquely positioned to offer leading edge capability in engine concept and development. This includes hybrid, EV and multi-fuel solutions, high efficiency, materials optimisation and weight management using the latest FEM tools, emissions management, transmission solutions (both manual and robotic) and other innovative driveline solutions.


We have extensive knowledge of all aspects of composite design and can offer a broad range of services including component design, tooling design, lay-up optimization and FEM analysis for both passive and dynamic simulation.

We have an in-house composite department where we produce many of the carbon fiber parts for our production cars, but where we also manufacture pieces for our clients. We have a large composite freezer for storing carbon pre-preg materials, a ply cutting and marking machine, several cutting tables, a trimming room with special ventilation, a large oven for vacuum moulding and a small autoclave.


Our in-house electronics team can assist you with all aspects of automotive electronics, from simple PCB design to complex systems, such as complete engine and drive train management systems, including custom software and 2D / 3D wiring harness data.


We can provide a variety of simulation services to support your development activities including Aerodynamic CFD, Flow CFD, structural FEM and kinematics.


We offer 2D & 3D CAD support using CATIA V5, Solidworks and Inventor. When viewed in combination with our rapid prototyping machines, our versatile mechanical workshop and keen supplier base, this means that we have the capability to undertake any development program within the automotive sector.

We have been successfully supplying our technical services to third parties since 2008. We are more than happy to look at your company’s needs in order to see if we can offer the competitive edge that you are looking for.
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