How would a Koenigsegg employee specify their Regera?

We let eight Koenigsegg people loose with the Regera configurator we use with our customers to see what they could come up with. We posted the results on our social media channels and the series was so popular that it was picked up by a number of automotive media outlets. In short, our people produced a variety of beautiful cars, all of which have a story behind them.

We invite you to take a look at them, below, and then cast a vote for your favourite.

Christian’s Swedish salute

Of course, we had to get a car specified by our founder and CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg.

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Christian selected a blue tinted carbon finish with gold leaf striping, along with gold leaf wheels as shown at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The choice of blue and gold is simple: blue and yellow are the colours of the Swedish flag and Koenigsegg is a very proud Swedish company. The gold leaf wheels are a new option available to Regera owners. The gold leaf is applied to the wheels by hand prior to the final clear coats being applied.



On the inside, Christian has chosen an interior that reflects a bit of family automotive history. The first car he and his then-girlfriend – now wife and Koenigsegg COO, Halldora – owned together was a black NA Mazda Miata with a brown leather interior. This was in 1992, two years before he first formed Koenigsegg Automotive. As Koenigsegg is very much a family company (Christian’s father, Jesko, also worked with the company in its early years), Christian thought it appropriate to select an interior that has very warm memories for the family for his own personal Regera spec.



Mattias’ Grey Battleship

Mattias Vöx is our prototype manager and vehicle builder extraordinaire (Check out the “Vöx Volvo” if you want to see a sample of his handiwork).

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Mattias has gone with a paint scheme that would not only look great in real life, but would also reproduce perfectly on an early 1950’s television.

The outside is smothered in Battleship Grey with a clear carbon centre flanked by white striping. It also has clear carbon side intakes and stripe. Many will notice changes at the front/rear of the car….. that’s our new, optional Aero package for the Regera.



Vöx is a fan of brown (many would have noticed the brown calipers on our first Regera concept car in 2015) and he’s chosen a Roe Deer interior for his Regera. It has an aluminium centre stack, carbon airbag cover and heater cowl. The seats have white centre sections with diamond stitching.



Chrille’s Clear Carbon Bad Boy

Chrille’s worked in so many different areas of the company he’s lost count. He’s worked in composites, at our finishing station, in our service area and is currently keeping the whole place standing as our Facility Manager. Chrille is one of those guys who represents the soul of the company, so much so that he even has a ‘ghost’ tattoo just above his ankle!

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Chrille’s Regera is one that I thought we might have seen more of – it’s certainly been a popular Koenigsegg finish over the years: clear carbon fibre. Chrille added a couple of body stripes in black for extra meanness, with anthracite calipers hiding behind carbon ‘Tresex’ wheels. Koenigsegg’s new Regera Aero kit has also been added.



On the inside, it’s more carbon/black but with Snow ‘clean’ inserts on the seats and the back wall of the car. Chrille has chosen a black alcantara dashboard to minimise reflections and a black anodised command centre.



Johan’s French Red Wine

Johan is our Sales Director for continental Europe and the Nordic countries.

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JB Regera 3

Johan chose a Bordeaux tinted carbon finish with a clear carbon centre section accented by gold leaf striping. Johan has French roots and the deep red finish will be like driving around in a glass of fine French red wine (with no blood-alcohol content, of course!!)

JB Regera 4

JB Regera 5

The interior is a creamy cappucino/coffee colour combination.

JB Regera 14

JB Regera 15

Lisa’s Catwoman

Our Art Director, Lisa, was the only one of us gutsy enough to choose something other than carbon wheels. Working on a vehicle’s spec is familiar territory for Lisa, as she spends a lot of time with our clients working on the spec of their own cars after they place their order.

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So what did Lisa choose for her ideal Regera specification?

“This is my classy, modern, architectural vision of the Regera. It’s finished in Raven Black (metallic with a tiny bit of blue) and has our new forged web wheels with calipers in Draco red (metallic). It has a center stripe on the hood in carbon, along with a carbon stripe along the side.



The interior features Lingonberry leather with weaved inserts and black French stitching along with a black anodized center console. Oh, and LOTS of interior carbon.”



Jonas’ Danish Flag

Jonas is our Director of Electrification. The electric driveline of the Regera is, in many ways, his baby. It’s fair to say, therefore, that the Regera is extremely special to him. So is his home country. Jonas is from Denmark so it’s no surprise that his Regera features red and white, the colours of the Danish flag.

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Jonas has picked a combination of red tinted carbon and clear carbon, with white stripes completing the patriotic picture. Jonas also picked the new Regera Aero package and finished the car with black calipers and ‘Tresex’ hollow carbon fibre wheels.



On the inside, it’s all stealth with black leather, red contrast stitching, and black anodised aluminium.



Joachim’s Sweet Mandarine

What would a designer do with the Regera, I hear you wondering? Our lead designer, Joachim, came up with something VERY sweet.

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Joachim’s ideal Regera continues a long line of orange-flavoured Koenigseggs, finished in a colour called Sweet Mandarine. He’s also added our new ‘Polar’ striping package in Arctic White with black calipers installed behind hollow-core carbon wheels.


The white highlights continue inside, with black leather seats wearing ‘Snow’ inserts and ‘Drift’ stitching in black. The rear wall has the same pattern and colour as the inserts. The centre stack is polished aluminium.



Steven’s Purple Reign

This is your author’s car.

I chose a purple carbon exterior finish, with white striping and clear carbon side intakes. I’m a massive Prince fan (still grieving) and I’ve always loved our cars in purple. This seemed like a fitting tribute.

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I was tempted to go with gold leaf stripes, like the purple/gold combination of chassis 7094, but I think the gold works better with paint rather than tinted carbon.


Inside, I’ve gone for ‘snow’ leather with a basket weave pattern on the seats. Yes, anyone who got into the car would have to be impeccably clean 🙂 The stitching on the seats in these images is blue, but it’d be purple on the real thing. White calipers behind my carbon wheels finish the look.




Vote for your favourite!

We’d love to know which one of these employee-spec Regeras appeals to you the most.

It’ll give the winner bragging rights for months 🙂 but it’ll also form the basis of a new 1:18 scale model that we’ll commission from our partners at FrontiArt. We’ll give a couple of those models away on our social media channels when they finally arrive.


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