Koenigsegg Agera FE – Thor and Väder

The End of the Agera Era The Koenigsegg Agera range of vehicles is now complete. The final two Ageras, individually named as Thor and Väder and collectively known as Final Edition cars, have now been completed at the Koenigsegg factory in Ängelholm, Sweden. The vehicles will be driven by their new owners for the first […]

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Old Friends, Good Times – Part 2

I wrote recently about a couple of blessings we had at Koenigsegg these past few weeks. The first of these was some time spent with our first Koenigsegg prototype – the very first Koenigsegg car ever. Blessing #2 was in the form of a visit from a guy named Michael Bergfelt. That’s a name few […]

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Old Friends, Good Times – Part 1

We had a double-blessing at Koenigsegg in recent weeks and it’s fair to say there was a lot of love going around. Blessing #1 was a visit by the very first Koenigsegg prototype. This car now lives at the Motala Motormuseum, about 200km south-west of Stockholm. The prototype returned to the factory to be part […]

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Retrospective – Koenigsegg CCGT Le Mans GT1 Race Car

With the Le Mans endurance race coming up again this weekend, it’s fitting that we show you some new pictures and talk a little about the Koenigsegg CCGT – a Le Mans racer that was sadly cut down before it turned a single corner in anger. Racing is the dream of every sports car manufacturer […]

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