Sweet Memories – Koenigsegg at Laguna Seca

Let’s set the scene a little….. It’s Monterey Car Week and we have been standing in the sun and heat all day at The Quail. We’ve had an outstanding day talking to people about the One:1 we had on display there but 9 hours of continuous chatting in the California heat takes a greater toll […]

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Old Friends, Good Times – Part 2

I wrote recently about a couple of blessings we had at Koenigsegg these past few weeks. The first of these was some time spent with our first Koenigsegg prototype – the very first Koenigsegg car ever. Blessing #2 was in the form of a visit from a guy named Michael Bergfelt. That’s a name few […]

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Koenigsegg One:1 Feature at Jay Leno’s Garage

You may remember the photo above from our coverage of Monterey Car Week back in August of this year. Jay Leno stopped by the Koenigsegg stand at an event called The Quail and had a chat with Christian von Koenigsegg. Of course, Jay’s camera crew was with him and the result is a 10-minute interview […]

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