A Decade of Koenigsegg

In the words of Christian von Koenigsegg, “Perfection is a moving target.” Discover the relentless drive behind the man and the company that has built what many believe to be the world’s finest performing hypercar today. And one that just keeps getting better with each passing hour. Read more:  0 to 100 in 10 years

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Koenigsegg attends the Shanghai Auto show – 2013

Koenigsegg will attend the Shanghai Auto show 2013 between April 21 and 29. It´s with great pleasure Koenigsegg takes this opportunity to meet the Shanghai audience. In collaboration with the official Chinese Koenigsegg dealer FFF Automobile, this will be yet another historic event with groundbreaking performance as its guidelines.

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A Swede – The most popular Hypercar in Geneva 2013

Among all the Hypercars at the Geneva Auto salon 2013, Koenigsegg Agera S came out on top. It was voted the most popular Hypercar in the show by enthusiastic visitors and petrol heads, once again proving the competivive nature of the Koenigsegg Agera line of car models. 20 Minutes – The most popular car in […]

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Speedhunters – A method to the madness

Sean Klingelhoefer and Rod Chong from Speedhunters was in Ängelholm for a visit in the factory. They shot some great photos and wrote the article: “A method to the madness: Inside Koenigsegg“. It features a mix of shots of the CCXR, CCXR Edition and the Koenigsegg grounds as well as their experience. Read the story here  

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